Welcome to Ozland

New Ozland is a group of residential sims, formerly on Second Life, now on Inworldz. We have Boating, Mermaids, Games, Dancing, a Ballroom, Freebies, Shopping, Sky Villages and more. Our kingdom has them all. We are Family here! Come join our Family. Visit us and see if we have any available land so you can join the family.


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 OZLAND Cat Inn = OZLAND Cat Inn

13 December 2008

Winter in OZLAND

Winter has come to OZLAND. Snow covers the land and even some of the seas have frozen. Grab your winter clothes and come and explore. There is a free Christmas Tree Treasure Hunt across all five sims. Get details at the Cat Inn http://slurl.com/secondlife/OZLAND/95/93/23

We will be having special Christmas Events throughout the season, check the calendar above.

06 October 2008

Burning Life 2008

For those Ozlandishers who missed Burning Life 2008 Sven has captured one of the closing events for you - The Burning of the Temple. This was just south of Sven and Llola's Chill Pavillion where we offered free games to play and free art and clothing to take away.

Link direct to movie

16 June 2008

OZLAND Sky Village and Ballroom

On Saturday we held our first event in the newly opened OZLAND Ballroom. This is part of the new development of what is, in effect, a sim within a sim at 300m.

This 'Over the Rainbow' village allows us to keep the ground level of OZLAND as a residential only area while allowing space, 'way up high' for a large ballroom , stage area for concerts, shopping and even a sim wide 'Yellow Brick Road'

Come visit - you will enjoy :) Put on your 'Ruby Slippers' and have a dance or search for the squished witch.


18 May 2008

Something Fishy

Caroline is running a fishing event this weekend (16-18 May) - Please come along - it is just across the water from the pub

07 April 2008

Country and Western Evening

For those residents and friends who missed the fun evening there is a bigger photo on the Flickr site together with more Ozlandish Photos.

Ozland Dance April 6th 2008

25 March 2008

Ozland Concert 30th March - 12 Noon SLT

Skinny Shepherd... aka...Alex Bevan (www.alexbevan.com)has been sharing his voice, guitar, music and stories with audiences for more than thirty years.

First known as the "Skinny Little Boy" from Cleveland, Ohio who came to "Chase your wimmin' and drink your beer", Alex has made a name for himself through out the Northern Ohio music scene.

Drawing on his deep skill set of imaginative and honest song writing combined with an agile, improvisational wit that dovetail wonderfully with his flawless guitar slinging, Alex never fails to delight and charm audiences no matter what the venue.

He is truly Ohio's "Great Lakes Bard"

Please join Sven and I, as we welcome Skinny to OZLAND!

Bring a friend (or two!!!) hugsssssssss

22 March 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

Hunt for Easter Eggs in our OZLAND SIMS...(please note: this event HAS been advertized in EVENTS section of search...lots of visitors will be about... please make them feel welcome)... Eggs(26 in all...lettering A to Z)have been scattered throughout the Public Parks, Skymall, & Skating Rink of ALL 5 sims... and ALL eggs have wonderful prizes in them!


12 March 2008

New Sims Ready

Residents will have noticed that we have 4 new sims around Ozland.

They will soon be ready for occupancy. These are Openspace Sims which mean they share one CPU between the four and are intended for light use. Each sim has five islands, four of these with a 2304 sq m plot surrounded by a quarter of a sim of protected park and water. The central island on each sim is a themed park area.

We will be offering these island plots for an initial purchase price of 32000L$ ( or $120 USD by PayPal) with a tier charge of 1720L$ per week (or $28 USD per month by PayPal).

At present the plots have only a 450 prim allowance but recent changes by Linden Labs mean that this will increase to 900 prims (we are told by the end of March)

There is a map display by the Ozland pub showing the layout of the islands and which have already been reserved.

26 February 2008

Hints and Tips for Ozland Residents

Sven and Llola have started a separate blog for useful SL hints and tips for Ozland Residents. See http://ozlandhelp.blogspot.com/ . If you have your own tips let us know and we will include them. If you have a Google ID you can also comment and expand on tips that are already there.

10 February 2008

A Concert and a half :) - Thank you Syd & .......

Well the Ozland Grand Opening started with a bang, or to be precise a crash - a sim crash followed by a failure of some of SL's login servers. But the show went on! Our guest musician, Syd Sidran and our resident pilot, Arwin Lane were first back into the sim after the crash and arrived safely at the helipad by the stage.

By the time Sven and Llola made it back, the crowds were gathering again and we were able to enjoy Syd's mastery of the piano, keyboards and guitar for over an hour.

For Llola the highlight was Syd's rendition of Pink Floyd's Money, which Syd had added to his repertoire especially at her request - AWESOME SYD!

Many thanks to everyone who came to the concert and made it an evening to remember.

01 February 2008

Syd Sidran Concert

In celebration of our new sim... we will be holding a Syd Sidran LIVE concert on Sunday the 10th of February at 2pm slt.

Syd plays rock music from Pink Floyd to Coldplay as well as his own original songs.

Please join us for this special event!

Hugsssss Llola and Sven

31 January 2008

Welcome to Ozlandish News - First Edition

Llola and I will be using the Ozlandish News to make announcements and provide information to residents and visitors. We will add more later.