Welcome to Ozland

New Ozland is a group of residential sims, formerly on Second Life, now on Inworldz. We have Boating, Mermaids, Games, Dancing, a Ballroom, Freebies, Shopping, Sky Villages and more. Our kingdom has them all. We are Family here! Come join our Family. Visit us and see if we have any available land so you can join the family.


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 OZLAND Cat Inn = OZLAND Cat Inn

26 February 2008

Hints and Tips for Ozland Residents

Sven and Llola have started a separate blog for useful SL hints and tips for Ozland Residents. See http://ozlandhelp.blogspot.com/ . If you have your own tips let us know and we will include them. If you have a Google ID you can also comment and expand on tips that are already there.

10 February 2008

A Concert and a half :) - Thank you Syd & .......

Well the Ozland Grand Opening started with a bang, or to be precise a crash - a sim crash followed by a failure of some of SL's login servers. But the show went on! Our guest musician, Syd Sidran and our resident pilot, Arwin Lane were first back into the sim after the crash and arrived safely at the helipad by the stage.

By the time Sven and Llola made it back, the crowds were gathering again and we were able to enjoy Syd's mastery of the piano, keyboards and guitar for over an hour.

For Llola the highlight was Syd's rendition of Pink Floyd's Money, which Syd had added to his repertoire especially at her request - AWESOME SYD!

Many thanks to everyone who came to the concert and made it an evening to remember.

01 February 2008

Syd Sidran Concert

In celebration of our new sim... we will be holding a Syd Sidran LIVE concert on Sunday the 10th of February at 2pm slt.

Syd plays rock music from Pink Floyd to Coldplay as well as his own original songs.

Please join us for this special event!

Hugsssss Llola and Sven