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25 April 2009

Scripted Objects in OZLAND

Dear OZLAND Resident

So that we can keep OZLAND and all it sims running smoothly we regularly look at the amount of script time being used . We need your help and co-operation to make sure this does not become problem and cause lag.

You will all know that there are limits to the number of prims you can rez on your land depending on how many square metres of land you own. What you may not know is that there is also a limit on the amount of script time that the sim can handle. Here is the science bit. If you want to read it please do. If not, read the 'Actions' section below.

THE SCIENCE BIT (and this is simplified!) (updated 10 May 09)

All SL sims try to run at 45 frames per second. Within that 1/45th of a second (about 22 milliseconds) the sim server has to carry out all the calculations and data transfer it needs to send an update to your SL browser. Things like data transfer to neighbouring sims, finding out if you are standing on something, knowing who is where, knowing what you can see from where you are all take priority and are done first. In any time left the sim runs the scripts that make things work like vehicles, pets, pose balls, TVs, radios, security devices, games, HUD attachments .... anything that interacts with avatars or other objects.

For a main sim (like OZLAND or OZLAND SW) this means that if total script time is greater than about 18 milliseconds something has to be left out as there is not enough time to carry out all the script actions. On a Homestead sim (because they share time with other sims) the script time cannot be more than 4 milliseconds before this happens.

What happens is that some scripts don't run within the sims time frame and have to wait their chance to run in the next, or the next, or the next. The more script time that is required the worse it gets. Even if script time goes only slightly above what the sim can handle existing scripts run even slower and the server has to drastically drop the number of frames per second it can run and there is major sim lag.

Unfortunately only Estate Managers can see how much script time anyone is using. It would be easier if you could monitor your own script time but Linden Lab do not see this as a priority. On mainland with this problem the Lindens just visit and return high script time objects without warning. They are looking at limiting the amount of memory that scripted objects can use based on plot size, that is not a very good solution but is a step forward, some scripts only use a very small amount of time other (often older scripts) can use a lot of time. If Linden Lab do implement scripted object limits we will let you know.


1) Llola and I will be looking at script time usage on all the OZLAND sims every week. We know you cannot see what script time each of your objects uses and this will be a learning experience for all of us so please do not be offended if we contact you about possible problems. If there are urgent problems that severely impact on the sims performance we may disable scripts in a particular object before we contact you - for most objects it is a simple process to restart them later to see if there is a continuing problem.

2) We are going to set values for fair shares of script time for parcel owners - these will have to be shared with your partners/tenants/friends etc. - the numbers below allow a small overhead for avatar script time across the sims.

Per 512 sqm owned on Main sims (Ozland and Ozland SW) - 0.25 milliseconds
(so 0.5ms for a 1024, 0.75ms for a 1536, 1.0ms for a 2048 and so on)

Per small island owned on Homestead Sims - 1.0 ms
Per large island owned on Homestead Sims - 2.0 ms

3) If you are using more than your fair share of script time we will let you know and see if we can help reduce it.

4) We can now also see avatar script times relating to attachments - these vary a lot depending on the attachments you are wearing - we cannot see details of these but we will inform people whose script times are well above normal.

5) We ask all residents to carefully consider what scripted objects they need rezzed or running all the time. Some objects, furniture and pets have a stop or sleep mode that can be selected. Vehicles can be rezzed as needed and not left parked (that will save you prims too). Security devices and scanners only need to be on when you are in residence - no one can steal or damage your property in SL. If you have scripted objects made before mid 2008 then you may be able to recompile them in Mono which can run faster and therefore use less script time, but this is not always possible.

Thank you all in advance. Working together we can keep OZLAND a lag free area for all to enjoy.

Sven and Llola

24 April 2009

Calling SL Artists and Art Lovers

Our new Gallery in OZLAND SW will feature a new Artist each month.
Until the end of May enjoy the fractal art of Spiral Silverstar.
Artists wishing to exhibit should Contact Sven or Llola.