Welcome to Ozland

New Ozland is a group of residential sims, formerly on Second Life, now on Inworldz. We have Boating, Mermaids, Games, Dancing, a Ballroom, Freebies, Shopping, Sky Villages and more. Our kingdom has them all. We are Family here! Come join our Family. Visit us and see if we have any available land so you can join the family.


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 OZLAND Cat Inn = OZLAND Cat Inn

11 December 2010

Yule Festival By The Wild Fox Rovers

Yule Festival By The Wild Fox Rovers
Schedule of Events
10th December – 2nd January

07 December 2010

OZLAND Art Gallery Presents Christmas Past

King Sven and Queen Llola went around OZLAND in 2009 and took portraits of each of the residents homes. This exhibit showcases those portraits.  Anyone who visits the exhibit is FREE TO COPY any of the portraits.  Other OZLAND presents await you too. Travel back with us to Christmas 2009 and enjoy this very special exhibit

03 November 2010

KenpoKarate Yakubu's OCEANIC EXPLORATIONS Exhibit at the OZLAND Art Gallery

Come walk by the ocean  as you enjoy Ken's art exhibit and make sure you take home the FREE gift that he has made specially for guests to this exhibit.

01 November 2010

The Return of the Queen' - by Lady Sylvie Etoile (loyal subject)

'Returned across the mighty waves
she surveys her realm
A mighty land
Surrounded by sea girt caves
And ocean's strand
Queen Llola has returned, bow down!
.... and hence a hush filled all the town

In Second Life it all grew still
Strife did cease
And no one was ill
And so the land was happy
Yet once more
Whence did her praises ring
From shore to shore

Thus did they come to sing
In far off times
Of Llola and her visit to
That other land
Where King Sven lives
With his band
Of goodly folk
Ruling England

01 October 2010

Tegan Jenvieve's Halloween exhibit "Dark Beauty" at The OZLAND Art Gallery

Tegan Jenvieve's Halloween exhibit "Dark Beauty" examines the intense contrasts and images on one moonlit Halloween night. All the images in Black and White harken back to the days when textures and composition alone, not special effects, could transport you to far off places and evoke deep thoughts.

On a lonely walk through a dark forest at midnight in SL, who knows what you will encounter......and if you make it home at all!  Don't forget to look  for the glowing gifts, these spooky objects want to come home and haunt your  house too. See the exhibit at the OZLAND Art Gallery

Do you like writing? Then take at look at  OZLANDISH Writings, where we use one of the pictures as an inspiration.

12 September 2010

Ozland Fall Treasure Hunt - a Visitors View

Grey Lupindo who visited our Fall Treasure Hunt posted a great article on the SL Newser Blog. See the full article in the Events Section

01 September 2010

"Desert Thunder" photography by Cowboy Darbyshire - OZLAND Art Gallery - September 2010

Cowboy Darbyshire lives in southern Arizona and has been chasing storms for12 years. His work has been featured on national TV and on several syndicated channels.

He also has multiple storm photographs in various publications primarily in Asia and the South Pacific

Lightning photography is Cowboy's specialty and his passion for chasing storms at almost any hour of the night or day has been rewarded on several occasions with unique photographs from a variety of places in the desert southwest.

Visit Cowboy's ELECTIFYING exhibit at the OZLAND Art Gallery for the month of September and make sure you take home the free gift that he has made specially for guests who visit this exhibit!


03 August 2010

Van Caerndow's Western Paintings on Glass at the OZLAND Art Gallery - August 2010

"I paint on glass as a window to the worlds in my imagination"

Van Caerndow has developed a style of painting on glass (mostly miniatures) using a French water based craft paint called Pebeo, which is designed for glass and ceramics. After painting is done he bakes the glass for 20 minutes at 325 degrees. From these finished works he signs, and numbers Giclee prints at up to 400% of the actual size.

Visit Van's Western exhibit at the OZLAND Art Gallery for the month of August and make sure you take home the free gift that he has made specially for guests who visit this exhibit!

05 July 2010

OZLAND in SL Showcase - Featured Events

Yay - OZLAND makes it to the SL Showcase.  If anyone recognises our anonymous benefactor (pictured here we think) let us know - Llola has a hug waiting for him.

01 July 2010

Jadyn Firehawk Photography - Christmas in July Exhibit at the OZLAND Art Gallery

Jadyn Firehawk is a professional geographer & amateur photographer. Born in the Philippines she now lives in Texas.

She believes the mind behind the camera is more important then the quality of the camera. Her photos are taken with a Canon PowerShot point-n-shoot digital camera. She's tried a better camera but keeps reverting to her trusty point-n-shoot. She's concluded it's better to have a small camera in her purse at all times, than a fancy camera at home when she needs to capture a spontaneous shot the moment it catches her eye.


What are Ozlandish Writings?

Are "You" ready to challenge your writing skills? Then participate in our OZLAND Picture Stories writing series.

Each month a new picture will be picked, from our OZLAND Artist of the Month collection, with different themes. Your goal is to write a 500-1000 word... poem... essay... or story about the picture picked. This is a chance for you to challenge your writing skills each month. Story can be written in ANY genre... sci fi... romance... ghost... fantasy... fiction... non-fiction... biography... mystery... historical... whatever your writing genre... feel free to experiment. >More Information

01 June 2010

Satu Gustafson Doodles at the OZLAND Art Gallery - June 2010

Satu Gustafson lives and works in the North West of Germany. Her artwork is all about experimentation with different materials, textures, media and techniques. Though her preferred medium is acrylic paints she has discovered black and white doodling as a form of art that is especially striking when imported into SL.

15 May 2010


The OZLAND yellow brick road needs some repair...Come look for YELLOW BRICKs in our 3 sim Sky Villages... June and July!!! 30 Bricks have come up along the yellow brick road of our 3 Sky Villages at 300m.. most are along/on the road.. but some have strayed into the stores. All bricks have gifts in them... SOME have gifts made BRAND NEW for this hunt only! Just TOUCH each brick you find and BUY for $0L. Feel free to stay and enjoy what our sims, at 300m and ground level, have to offer... fishing.. boating... surfing... games... shopping... etc... BUT... please be respectful of our residents homes. We have THEMED events 4 times a week. Join our OVER THE RAINBOW BALLROOM Group :)) or touch our Scribomatic when you are here :))

02 May 2010

Josina Burgess - Visiting Artist - May 2010

The exhibit this month features Josina's RL Acrylic Gold Bronze on Canvas and some painting that have been reworked into SL. Her paintings are "beautiful", not boring, and always a pleasure to look at. Visit the OZLAND Art Gallery during the month of May to see Josina's most unsual artwork... and make sure you take home the FREE GIFT that Josina has made.

19 April 2010

Faustine Pau's Second Life Fantasy Artwork at the OZLAND Art Gallery

The OZLAND Art Gallery will showcase Faustines art during the month of April. Come see for yourself some of Faustine's most unique Second Life Artwork and see if you too don't get pulled into her fantasy worlds.
Make sure you take home the FREE GIFT that Faustine has made.

05 March 2010

OZLAND Covenant Updated March 2010

Check out latest changes to the Ozland Covenant. New items highlighted.

02 March 2010


We have placed 42 FLOWER BLOSSOMS in 3 of the OZLAND Skyvillages (at 300m).  (14 BLOSSOMS in each to find)

There are presents in all of them.  Some of the presents are NEW and made specially for this hunt. There are gifts for men AND women... as well as gifts for the home.  Just buy the contents of the BLOSSOM for 0L$.  How many BLOSSOMS can YOU find?


SkyBlue Earthboy's Watercolour Artwork at the OZLAND Art Gallery March 2010

Living in Switzerland, SkyBlue Earthboy is a watercolour painter who paints many different themes of nature and angels, but he always paint the light.

20 February 2010

Radio Stories and Dancing at the Cat Inn - OZLAND 21st February

This Sunday 21st February at 11 am - 1 pm SLT (note earlier time) join us at the Cat Inn to hear a Science Fiction story 'Knock' by Frederick Brown followed by a Dragnet radio series episode 'The Nickel Plated Gun' from 1949. Period radio adverts between stories (for your amusement) and music to dance to before and after the stories. What better way to enjoy an old story than sitting in front of a log fire in a picturesque old pub.


02 February 2010


We have placed 30 VALENTINES in ALL the OZLAND Skyvillages (at 300m). (3 Skyvillages with 10 Valentines in each to find). Just follow the yellow brick road...and don't forget to check IN the shoppes too. :)

There are presents in all of them. Many of the presents are NEW and made specially for this hunt. There are gifts for men AND women... as well as gifts for the home. Just buy the contents of the Valentine for 0L$. How many Valentines can YOU find?


31 January 2010

Maria Binder's Enkaustik Artwork at the OZLAND Art Gallery - February 2010

Enkaustik-wax painting is an old Egypt and Greek art that is over 3000 years old.  In the middle ages it was put aside for oil painting.  Today the art is revived with molten wax colors and electric heating tools.

Maria's enkaustik artwork will be showcased at the OZLAND Art Gallery for the month of February.  Visit this most unique exhibit and make sure you take home the special FREE gift that Maria has made.