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New Ozland is a group of residential sims, formerly on Second Life, now on Inworldz. We have Boating, Mermaids, Games, Dancing, a Ballroom, Freebies, Shopping, Sky Villages and more. Our kingdom has them all. We are Family here! Come join our Family. Visit us and see if we have any available land so you can join the family.


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 OZLAND Cat Inn = OZLAND Cat Inn

01 December 2011

Enjoy Seasonal Holiday artwork from our own King Sven and Queen LLola. Send holiday greetings to your family and friends with our Holiday Greeting Card Exhibit.

ALL artwork is free to BUY and share with your family and friends. Visit our exhibit at the OZLAND ART GALLERY for the month of December.

01 November 2011

"Inside Art" 3-D Interactive Art by Ginger Lorakeet - November 2011

Come "immerse" yourself in her artwork for  the month of November, at the OZLAND Art Gallery. Make sure you take home the FREE gift she has made too!

29 October 2011

Special Event 29th October Noon SLT

"The Fire", An ORIGINAL Story by Mysty Mellison

If you love Les Miserables then you will enjoy 'The Fire' a tale of murder, mystery and mayhem!

In the Kingdom of Lady Lutetia, when France sits silent, a patriot awakens from the ashes and gives the peasantry a voice. His name is … Pete.

Set against the backdrop of the French Revolution 'The Fire' is a drama reading about Pete, a passionate peasant versus a greedy government.

He struggles to earn bread during a Paris Famine.

Join us on our journey, in the OZLAND Theater, Saturday 29th October at NOON slt, as our magical storyteller, Pan, takes us back through time to the year 1789.

19 October 2011

Tarot Card Paintings by alba2 Rossini at the OZLAND Art Gallery

The OZLAND Art Gallery welcomes back Alba2 Rossini.

When she last exhibited in OZLAND back in June of 2009 she only had 14 of the Major Arcana cards painted now 2 years later she will be exhibiting all 22!

Alba lives and works in Torino, Italy. She has spent some time in the United States and Venezuela, and her time there has influenced her vision of color and composition. She prefers oil painting because of the stickiness and brightness of the medium.
Oil painting also allows her to play with brightness and volumes. Her Tarot Cards, on board, are excellent examples of how she has mastered her art.

Visit the OZLAND Art Gallery for the month of October and make sure you take home the FREE gifts that Alba has made especially for this exhibit, and enjoy her Tarot Card Oil Paintings!

03 September 2011

Aria's Daydreams Digital Artwork by Ariadenise Bellic at the OZLAND Art Gallery

Ariadenise Bellic lives and works out of her home in the USA. She considers herself an "artsy" person and enjoys music as well as drawing. She went to college for three years for vocal perfomance but has no formal training in drawing. She is totally self taught.

Working from her computer she uses Corel Painter and a mouse to create her Digital artwork. Her inspiration? "Just whatever pops into her brain!" Right now she is selling her work ONLY in SL, but she would like to print and sell her work someday in RL .

Visit the OZLAND Art Gallery for the month of September and see these Digital pieces of Art. They are simple pieces of art that make a very emotional statement. Make sure you take home the FREE GIFT that Aria has made specially for vistors to the gallery.

08 June 2011

"Thar's Gold in Them Thar Pixels" Fractal Artwork by Leonie Szczepanski

Come and see Leonie's ALL NEW Fractal Artwork during the month of June at the OZLAND Art Gallery. Make sure you pick up the FREE GIFT that Leonie has made too.

02 May 2011

PaliantArt Drawings by Sandralee Palianta in the OZLAND Art Gallery

Sandralee Palianta lives in Arizona where she loves to draw with Sharpie Markers and has even been accepted by the Sharpie Pen company to be in their "Sharpie Showcase" on their corporate website. She is proficient with all major graphics software programs and even enjoys Photography.

Her work in SL includes an exhibit at the Gateway Galleries. She has created paintings that are her own interpretations of the symbols that are part of theme The Perfect Form in Star Journey. She depicts the energies of the Star of Austerity and Star of Independence, also other symbols including The Field and The Fog. Her artwork is cleverly executed with Sharpie markers and many with the bold use of color.

These and other artistic drawings of Sandralee's can be seen the month of May at the OZLAND Art Gallery.

Make sure you pick up the FREE GIFT that Sandralee has made.

01 April 2011

ARTE MERVA Paintings Exhibit - April 2011

Merva  lives in Switzerland where she has studied art, worked for an advertizing agency, and had her own air brush painting studio. She has traveled to many places all over the world with her artwork, and is now painting again concentrating on intuitive spiritual artwork from her life experiences.

"There is one earth, many realities, lots of different truths. But there is only one universal reality. In there lies the secret of contentment."

02 March 2011

"Crossing Thresholds" Acrylic Collages by Trill Zapatero - March 2011

Trill's paintings are travel collages or maps of journeys.   She painted them while she was living in China, India and Malaysia.  Viewing them might be as much  like reading maps as looking at paintings, perhaps similar to watching animations.  The images suggest stories of heroic adventures or waking dreams.

03 February 2011

Photo-collage, Visual Poetry by Shugaaa Rhapsody in OZLAND

Step into a world of visual poetry with Shugaaa Rhapsody's Photography Collages at the OZLAND Art Gallery the month of February. Make sure you take home her FREE GIFT too.

02 January 2011

Ozland Art Gallery in Retrospect

For January 2011 we are showing examples of the work of the artists that have been featured in our Gallery since we opened in May 2009.

Spiral Silverstar - Alba2 Rossini. - Josina Burgess
Stephs Magic - Hermes Kondor - Lou Mannock
Seleuma Snowpaw - Maria Binder - Alexandra Mensing
SkyBlue Earthboy - Faustine Pau - Satu Gustafson
Jadyn Firehawk - Van Caerndow - Cowboy Darbyshire
Tegan Jenvieve - KenpoKarate Yakubu

Please enjoy the work of these Great Artists