Welcome to Ozland

New Ozland is a group of residential sims, formerly on Second Life, now on Inworldz. We have Boating, Mermaids, Games, Dancing, a Ballroom, Freebies, Shopping, Sky Villages and more. Our kingdom has them all. We are Family here! Come join our Family. Visit us and see if we have any available land so you can join the family.


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 OZLAND Cat Inn = OZLAND Cat Inn

OZLAND Covenant

OZLAND Covenant (as of July 2011)

Hello, welcome to Ozland! Ozland is a group of residential sims and a place where everyone enjoys a peaceful neighbourhood. All plots have protected water access with no banlines allowed.

***The Full Covenant is on the website at http://ozlandish.blogspot.com***
***This is only a summary of the main points - the web version is definitive***
*** Where there is more information on web a ✪ is shown in-world ***

1. All sales are final. No refunds. PLEASE read this covenant CAREFULLY!
2. You do not need a 'Premium Account' to own land with us.
3. Like all land in Second Life, you MUST pay 'tier' (maintenance fee) on land you own with us.


*No need for a premium account (separate billing from Linden Lab)
*Double the prim allocation of mainland plots all Sims  (primitives are the building blocks of SL)
*Ownership privileges in a carefully managed estate with protected landscaped open spaces and waterways
*Owners can modify and re-sell plots at any time or price.
*We have designed our Sims to provide access to protected water on all plots and also to have public park spaces for all to enjoy.
*We have limited the number of plots/islands to give spare prims, to allow us to landscape and plant in the parks, provide interest under the water and leave some free prims to let you to sail around the islands in the sims.
* Free access to Intan Couples Dance systems loaded with good quality dances on all our sims.


*Visitors to OZLAND sims, are also bound by this covenant and we reserve the right to eject or ban visitors who cause problems.
*Please enjoy public areas such as the parks, the waterways, the Pub and Sky Village but please respect the privacy of residents. Do not enter homes or skyboxes without permission.
*There are spots on each sim where you are free to rez boats etc. however there is an autoreturn on public areas
*No nudity in public places


As soon as you purchase your land... please contact Llola Lane or Sven Pertelson to set up your tier payments.

MAINTENANCE/TIER FEES (These become due as soon as land is bought)

As of 5 March 2010


--- 234 prim - 512 sq m plot - 430L$ per week or $7 USD per month.
--- 350 prim - 768 sq m plot - 645L$ per week or $10.50 USD per month.
--- 468 prim - 1024 sq m plot - 860L$ per week or $14 USD per month.
--- 702 prim - 1536 sq m plot - 1290L$ per week or $21 USD per month.
--- 936 prim - 2048 sq m plot - 1720L$ per week or $28 USD per month.

and pro rata for larger plots

✪ PAYMENT METHODS (These must be decided when first buying land)

Option 1 - Inworld in L$ - for land sales this will be through the normal land sale system. After land is purchased maintenance fees in L$ must be paid into your named payment box. You will be able to pay for more than one week at a time to allow for times when you are away. You MUST keep a positive balance in the payment system. The payment box will keep track of your payments and IM you reminders if you are getting near to zero. On taking possession of land you must pay 4 weeks fees in advance.

Option 2 - By Paypal in US dollars - For land sales from Ozland management only, this can be done by direct Paypal payment - the land will then be set for purchase by you at 0L$ . For maintenance fees we will provide a website where you can set up an automated monthly payment. You must pay the first month fees in advance and in monthly increments there after.


There is NO grace period for missed payments - if you need grace period and are paying in L$, add another week or more of time to your tier mug. An expired mug equals forfeiture of the land. If by chance there is a technical problem, contact us (Llola Lane or Sven Pertelson) immediately via in-world notecard or by e-mail ( llolalane@gmail.com or sven.pertelson@gmail.com ).


Should Linden Labs increase the monthly fees for the Sim we will have to pass these on to the residents - there will normally be at least a months notice of any change, Should the Linden to Dollar exchange rate change significantly we may also have to review the L$ rates.


Your maintenance fees must be paid up to the date you sell your land. Use the normal in -world land sales system. Please be sure that the buyer is aware of, and agrees to, the covenant. After selling your land please IM Llola Lane or Sven Pertelson with the name of the person that you have sold to.

Ozland Global Policy
All guests and residents of Ozland Sims need to follow our rules while on the Sims. These rules allow everyone to enjoy their land. For urgent problems which contravene Linden Labs Terms of Service, please file an 'Abuse Report' with Linden Labs and also contact us. Please include sim name and location! While we do not require you to follow a theme, we do have some rules to help keep things peaceful.

** Harassment

We want all of our residents to be happy. We feel strongly about this. Sadly, there are many ways to harass other people in Second Life. Due to this, we do not have a strict definition of 'harassment'. Harassment can be:

- Spam and Griefing
- Weapons fire of ANY kind.
- Trapping people in cages.
- Annoying sound loops.
- Other kinds of abuse towards other residents.

** Security Systems and Land Settings

You are NOT allowed to use general ban lines or whole plot security systems at ground level but can ban specific avatars if really needed. You MUST allow PUBLIC ACCESS in the ABOUT LAND menu.

✪ We require Ozlandishers to respect requests from other residents to leave or not visit their property, for whatever reason and therefore you MUST NOT ban other Ozlandishers. If a resident does have a problem with another Ozlandisher not respecting their privacy then they should try to resolve this in a calm and civil manner. Should this fail then they have two alternatives after warning the individual that they will be taking this further. A) report this to Sven - including details and chat logs for mediation or B) for serious cases involving breaches of LL terms of service and/or community guidelines directly to Linden Lab.

However, if you wish more privacy, whole plot security systems can be used around sky structures above 600m as long as they give at least 10 seconds warning. Systems that allow you to protect a small specified volume (such as your house) are the only systems that are acceptable at ground level as long as they provide 10 second warning and do not interfere with anyone outside the structure. Also, no security system may attack anyone -- a simple ban, eject or teleport home is fine. Systems may be returned to you if they cause issues. Security systems must NOT make chat announcements outside the protected area .

To avoid griefing by others rezzing prims on your plot you should not allow public rezzing.

To allow the provided Intan Systems to work for all residents you MUST NOT disable Object Entry on your plot.

** Sim 'Lag' and Resources

We may ask you to stop using items found to disrupt or lag a sim and where these are causing immediate problems we will return them to you. For example:

- Sim crashing objects or scripts, including physics toys.
- Scripts or collections of scripts that unfairly use the sim script time or memory. ✪ We use a benchmark of 0.25ms per 512sqm plot and pro rata, Linden Lab may also put other restrictions in place over and above these. Linden Lab are currently working on systems to also measure script memory usage, this is still at an early stage, we will keep an eye on this as well. There are some concerns regarding the use of sim resources by so called 'breedable animals', we ask residents to take this into account when thinking of investing in these. Should these items cause problems we may ask you to limit their use.
- 'Free Prim'/Temp-on-Rez systems – called re-rezzers – anything that claims to give you more prims than your land allows.
- Other kinds of abuse towards a sim.

In the case of a serious issue, abusive objects may be returned. If not so urgent we will contact you to let you know that there is a problem.

Holding large events which overcrowd the sim can also affect the enjoyment of other residents. If you do wish to hold a large event you must clear this with Sven or Llola beforehand. We do allow owners of large plots to host small clubs as long as thier events do not conflict with other timed events in the same sim. - see below

As with everything in Second Life we cannot predict all that can happen. If you have a problem, please feel free to contact us!


We do not allow commercial use of residential land at ground level on any of the OZLAND sims. This includes but is not limited to:
- Advertising signs; Stores, malls and vendors;  Clubs, schools or other large gathering places -- public or private.  Money does not actually have to be exchanged in some cases to fall under this.
** You may, however, hold events such as yard sales, weddings and small gatherings at your home -- as long as they last no more than a day or two.
** No subletting or renting your land without specific approval.
** When in doubt, please follow the Golden Rule and respect your neighbours.

✪ Renting/Subletting:
All parcels require our permission to be rented. This rule is to preserve our residential land and its community. Please remember that this is a privilege and not a right. You may contact us to receive our guidelines and seek approval. ANY unauthorized rentals found may risk having the offending land reclaimed.

Small businesses are allowed (no x-rated items) at 500m in the Sky Village

✪  Below are some examples of what may be acceptable as small businesses.

a) Photography Studios or other personal services where there will be normally no more than 1 or 2 clients present with the owner at any time.

b) Small shops selling 'Non-Adult' items using non-scripted Buy and/or no more than 5 scripted vendors per 512 plot. [Some scripted and networked vendors use considerable script time and you may have to restrict use of other scripted objects on your land]

c) Small gaming establishments using systems complying with Linden TOS and legal requirements in USA. Again these should be normally cater for no more than 1 or 2 clients at a time. We will look carefully at script time usage for this kind of business.

..If you have land 6 plots (3072sqm) or bigger we allow SMALL clubs at 500m.

✪ It must be open to the public and NO banlines or charging to enter the club are allowed.  Tip jars are o.k.  If you want more privacy you can place your club above 600m but you must make sure that you are at least 200m away from your neighbor.  If you have an event it MUST not conflict with OZLAND events.  Please check the calendar for timed events (we don't count the monthly events like Treasure Hunts and Art Exhibits).  We WILL put your event on the calendar on a first come first served basis.  It is up to the club owner to advertize their event but we can make a group notice if requested... but the event MUST be in OZLAND only.


* No Sky structures below 600m and try to keep a 200m height separation from neighbours sky structures
*No Skyscrapers or Apartment buildings... no buildings over 20m, except for structures approved in advance by management.
* Main buildings must be at least 4 meters from the plot borders of your neighbours...Please be fair. While building, go to each surrounding plot and see if you would like to live there. If not, then you should change your design.
*Minor decorations such as trees may be taller than 20m, but must not be disruptive.
*Please keep land tidy - no prim litter
* Fences and walls are allowed but with limits. ✪ May be no taller than half the distance away from the facing neighbouring plot and not in any case above 10 meters and must be transparent to your neighbour.
* No disruptive flashing, spinning or particle using builds.
* It's a good idea to leave public build off to prevent someone leaving things behind while you're gone.

Except in extreme cases, if you need to make changes to your land/build you will be given at least a few days notice to do so before any action is taken.

** "For Sale" signs are allowed with the following rules:
- One sign per parcel.
- The sign must be no larger than 5x5x5 meters.
- You may script your sign to give information privately when clicked. This may not be sent to a public chat channel, nor can it be sent unasked for.
- We provide our own For Sale signs. If you'd like one, please ask!

** Sims are set to allow +4 to -10 meters from the original land level.
** You may shape land as you please, though we ask you to be polite and considerate of neighbours.


* Your land with us will not count towards tier with Linden Lab, or other land, and because private island tiers are paid by sim owners the premium members 512 plot allowance can not be applied to private island sim plots.
* You can deed land to a group but we will not be liable if an officer in your group sells your land.
* We do not allow plots smaller than 512sq. meters and when you are dividing to resell your land all plots MUST have water access.
* Communication and notices will be done primarily via the OZLANDISH BLOG at http://ozlandish.blogspot.com. For short messages and events we also will use group notices in the OZLANDISH Group which all residents must join.
* OZLAND has weather and seasons! You may see fall leaves on the ground, snow, spring flowers, etc. You may even see overcast skies.
* OZLAND has seasonal events and occasional concerts! By all means, participate! We bend the rules a bit for holidays – if you want to have a Halloween Haunted Maze or a Holiday Bake Sale by all means do so. Just leave a sign out so the neighbours know what it is during construction; it’s easy to mistake carnival booths for a mini-mall while you are still building.
* OZLAND is not a Combat Region and therefore combat is prohibited. For your own protection please leave your parcel set to 'Safe (no damage)'

✪ Q&A (Question and Answer)

Q: How can I avoid having a premium account while owning land?
A: Estate land is a sim that is purchased from Linden Lab and privately owned. All payments are made separately to the owner for that sim, who then pays Linden Lab. Your SL account is not billed as it would be for mainland.

Q: What is a covenant and why must I follow it?
A: The covenant is the terms of a private estate you agree to for maintaining a certain standard when living there. It helps ensure the quality of life for residents.

Q: What is tier and why is it necessary?
A: Tier is a maintenance fee for owning land. Linden Lab requires a monthly payment from all land owners. When you own land on a private estate, tier payments go to the owner/management of the sim and are then paid to Linden Lab for server space.

Q: How is owning land different from renting?
A: When you own land you will have ownership abilities to terraform, build, control the media and security, be able to set the land to group or even resell it. Tier will also be cheaper than rent.

Q: What are "prims" and what do you mean by double prims?
A: Prims are "primitives" the building blocks of second life (like Lego's). All objects are made of prims. When land has double prim space it means you will have double the prims as the normal amount for the size of the land.

Q: How are you able to have double prims?
A: Estates are given the option of multiplying the number of prims for the land. To allow for double prim land open space is left in order to draw prims from.

Enjoy your Visit/Residence in OZLAND,

Llola Lane and Sven Pertelson